Fear the Beard? Kohli Beard Style in Modern Generation

Virat Kohli’s beard style, hairstyle look

Big biceps, tattoos, piercings and modern hairstyles, has been demands for the sportsperson. Leading one in this list is beard man “Virat Kohli” who has become a trending demands because of his unique beard style and hairstyles. Indian skipper Virat Kohli, who is not only known for his outstanding game on the field but also for his style and the reason is that the girls are huge fan of him. The run- chaser of the Indian cricket team has always been in news for his looks and styles. nowadays people use to have their haircuts like kohli. Anushka sharma is also in love with his unique beard styles and highly impressed with him. For the further details click on the link given www.viratkohlibeardstyle.

Take a look of Virat Kohli beard style photos:

Earlier this year, after an Instagram post by Virat Kohli in which he spoke about cutting his beard, rumoured girlfriend Anushka Sharma commented ‘you cannot’, to which he replied ‘okay’ which was an adorable moment for their fans. Seems just like all of us, Anushka Sharma too is a fan of Kohli’s beard.

Virat Kohli ‘accused’ of insuring his beard

Virat Kohli,KL Rahul,Indian national cricket team

Virat kohli has been seriously accused of insuring his beard when his team mates KL Rahul shared one of the video in the social media.he has refused to join his teammates in the “break the beard cahllenge”, he was advised for using the beard gel for maintaining his beard look. Indian cricket team captain has proven that he is not getting rid of it any time soon. he has also told about the rumours realed to the video that “talk around my beard is quite entertaining” and tagged some of the Royal challenger banglore teammates.

I like my beard, won’t get rid of it, says Virat Kohli

Virat kohli has refused to shave of his beard in response to jadeja’s #breakingthebeard challenge on Instagram. on thursday he said that he like his beard so much and does not want to get rid of it. he said that “i really like it and i think it suits me”. The Indian players have been sporting beards throughout the home season, but Rohit Sharma, Hardik Pandya and Ravindra Jadeja shaved off theirs recently. Posting the picture on Instagram, Kohli had said, “Sorry boys, but I am not ready to break the beard yet. Anushka replied in that “you cannot”.“When it gets too big and thick then obviously I have to trim it. That is the only thing. But no, I would not get rid of it,” he reiterated.

KL Rahul poked to beard man Kohli

From the above video we can see how KL Rahul poked kohli and said “I knew you were obsessed with your beard but this news of you getting your beard has insured confirms my theory”. For the further details scroll down to the video or visit the website www.coolviratkohli.com.


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